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"Top 10 Most Influential Educational Games" Main Page

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Oregon Trail

Publisher: MECC 

Platform: Apple II

Release Date: 1985

Description: Simulation of Historic Oregon Trail, designed to teach children the "realities of 19th century pioneer life on the trail. 




Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Publisher: Brøderbund Software 

Platform: PC

Release Date: 1985

Description: The primary educational objective of the game is to increase interest in geography.  Upon arrival at each location the player is greeted with a picture of the area featuring some famous attribute of the area and a brief description about the area.  The player will need to learn information about each region in the game to take advantage of clues. 


3.  SimCity 

Publisher: Maxis Software Inc.   

Platform: DOS   

Release Date: 1994

Version: Simcity (aka Simcity Classic)


Educational Objectives 

  • Gain experience in cit development through simulated environment
  • Learn effective city planning
  • Manage money and resources

4.  Reader Rabbit 


Publisher: The Learning Company

Platform: PC  

Release Date: 1989


Educational Objectives

Reader Rabbit aims to help young children starting to learn how to read improve their reading skills through simple word exercises. There are no explanations of how to use each game to develop reading skills in the game, so it is somewhat unclear how each game is meant to teach reading.



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